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Global PETS Forum Award
Overall Winner, SPBA-Heritage Brands
Pet Lovers Centre wins Global PETS Award 2013 !
Horror-Dog Costume Contest @ The Mines
Amazing Kids Field Trip
Tadika Sri Nobel Field Trip
Malaysia HHP Cat Show
PLC Annual Dinner 2012 – Summer Paradise
Animal Charity Week with MBBD & Scratch
Animal Charity Week with SPCA
Homeless Animal Day Year 2011
PAWS & Furry Friends Farm Thank you note
– Grab A Bag, Save A Life Charity Drive
The Hour Glass Lucky Draw
Mcbook Pro Lucky Draw
Mont Kiara International School Trip
Garden International School Trip
Tadika Casa Dei Bambini Tour
Contributors Thank You Note - HAD Food Campaign 2010
37th Anniversary iPad Lucky Draw
Homeless Animal Day Pet Food Campaign
Homeless Animal Day
PAWS Thank You Note
Ipod Touch Lucky Draw
AEON Bukit Tinggi S.C. New Outlet Opening Day!
SSTwo Mall
Launch of BURP New Cat Can
PLC Grooming Salon Opening!
Congratulations to PLC First DELL Mini Netbooks  Lucky Draw Winner!
DELL Mini Netbooks Lucky Draw
JUSCO Kepong New Outlet Opening Day!
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Heritage Awards 2008
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