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Through the years, Pet Lovers Centre has enriched the lives of people and pets through its engagement with the communities in which it operates. The company has proven itself as a responsible corporate citizen by adopting a long-term approach to balancing business priorities with social and environmental responsibilities. At Pet Lovers Centre,

  • We continuously work towards attaining the company’s higher purpose of simultaneously serving pets, people and our planet by adopting sustainable approaches to our endeavours.
  • We dedicate ourselves to uplifting and assisting the “disadvantaged”, be it human or pet.
  • We believe that a pet-friendly society is established when communities come together as a combined positive force.
  • We align with and support all who work towards the same goals of caring for our pets, people and planet.

Animal Welfare Group Donation Collected to date: RM 61,722.85

Current Beneficiary – PAWS Animal Welfare Society


Pet Lovers Foundation is a non-profit organisation established by Singapore’s largest pet food and accessory retail chain – Pet Lovers Centre. Although Singapore has animal shelters to help abandoned and abused pets, these animal welfare organisations also need all the help they can get, not just in terms of receiving donations, but also in terms of raising funds. 

Set up in 2009, Pet Lovers Foundation is the first non-profit organisation in Singapore that aims to help animal welfare organisations in Singapore. Besides contributing financially to them, the foundation also helps them raise funds through jointly developed and organised programs and activities. 

But the foundation doesn’t just stop at helping pets. Every pet lover understands how being a pet lover also connects you on a deeper level with the people around you, as well as the planet we live on. That’s why the mission of Pet Lovers Foundation is to serve “Pets, people and our planet”. 

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