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Sign-up or Renew VIP Membership





Welcome to Pet Lovers Centre VIP membership programme. Sign up or renew to enjoy exclusive Members’ Pricings, Birthday Offers and earn Loyalty Points to redeem for vouchers! Receive the latest scoop on pet-related promotions, products and events.

Enjoy 1-Year Membership Benefits at only RM4.72

Registration requires a Malaysia-registered mobile number. 

Applicable for :
• 1st time sign up of membership
• Membership that has expired for > 3 months


Please retain your current card for use after renewal. No new card will be issued. 

Applicable for: 
• Membership expiring in 3 months or have expired for < 3 months 
( Loyalty points will be retained upon renewal ) 


Present your physical and active VIP Card to enjoy membership privileges

Cessation of ID Card - present vip card



Frequently asked questions (FAQs) 

I have lost my VIP Card and my VIP membership is still valid. How do I renew without my 10 digit registration code found on my VIP card ? 

To retrieve your 10-digit registration code via SMS, text “balance” to +6017 3390 908. Please note one (1) Loyalty Point will be deducted for each SMS reply from Pet Lovers Centre’s SMS system.

Alternatively, please contact our Customer Care at 1 300 22 2273 from Monday to Friday between 9 am - 6 pm.

What happens to my points and membership if I have not renewed my card after 3 months. 

Loyalty points from the previous year will not be transferred to the next year upon renewal if your expired membership has lapsed > than 3 months. 

My current memberhip is registered with an old number. Can I renew my membership with my new mobile number ? 

To retain your existing Loyalty Points, please update your new mobile number online before you activate the new VIP Card. Otherwise your current membership will not be renewed as it is linked to your old number

Alternatively, please contact our Customer Care at 1 300 22 2273 from Monday to Friday between 9 am - 6 pm for assistance.

I am unable to sign up or renew the VIP membership. What should I do ? 
Kindly contact us here