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Online Pet Shop Malaysia

Pet Lovers Centre (PLC) is not only Malaysia’s largest online pet shop, but is also collectively the largest and only pet care retail chain in Southeast Asia. We have over 15,000 products across hundreds of pet care brands so that you can find exactly what you need to pamper your pets with. In our mission to become the best online pet store in Malaysia, we carry products for all kinds of pets. Regardless of whether your animal companion is a dog, cat, bird or fish, we aim to provide you with the pet supplies that you need. For example, if you own a dog, here is what our line of dog products can offer you:
● Dress your dog up with our range of trendy and comfortable dog accessories.
● Keep them entertained and play with them with our safe and interactive dog toys.
● Search from our range of healthy and nutritious dog food for their meals.
● Finally, spoil them with a cosy and luxurious dog bed for a good night’s rest.

Aside from dogs, our selection of products and services extend to other animals as well. We carry the best cat food and cat litter readily available online and in-store. Our fish tanks and bird cages are made with the highest quality material, and built to safely house your pets. Other than bringing in brands from around the world, PLC also has our own house brands to offer:
● Turn to Burp! for a wide range of highly-reviewed pet food products that are suitable for pets of all ages.
● Choose from Trustie’s huge assortment of pet accessories ranging from collars to feeding bottles.

Pet Lovers Centre remains a forward-thinking industry leader in Malaysia for pet supplies and care and is always innovating to meet customer demands in a world of change. Whatever your needs are, we are your choice of online pet store.